fish and chips


Ireland, Part II

Best Fish and Chips Ever!

After Dublin, we set out to the very south-west tip of Ireland, a little tiny fishing village called Dingle.

I’d never heard of it before, but a few friends who had done some travelling in the past recommended it. We stumbled upon a livingsocial coupon for a fish and chips pub in Dingle, so we figured that the stars were aligning and we needed to visit this small Irish village. I love local restaurants having discounts, it keeps people from just going to the same big chains that they always do at home.

And boy oh boy, was I not disappointed.

Getting to Dingle

First off, there’s no train that takes you directly to Dingle. You have to take two trains out to Killarney, and then a bus will take you to Dingle. We passed hundreds of sheep farms on the way. The sheep all … Read the rest

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