Best Fish Tacos in Kauai

Kauai Fish Tacos

One you walk around the pretty streets of Kauai, you will find for yourself that there are quite a few taco trucks and what they call taquerias. Every square mile distance has at least one taco spot. Here are the tried and tasted best of the lot.

El Taco Feliz

This taco spot isn’t too hard to find. Just look for the taco truck with the weirdest art painted on it (we are talking tacos with detailed eyes on them) and you have reached El Taco Feliz taco truck. They call it the Happy Taco. You may want to try the carnitas from this place. They are excellent and should not be missed.
The salsas they offer are great too. But at the end of it all, you will miss those carnitas and corn tortillas. You may want to revisit this place time and again around the duration of your stay.

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Paco’s Tacos

Paco’s tacos have both a well established restaurant and truck in the region. The truck is situated just past Otsuku’s furniture store inside a small lot. You can try out both the places but the food is exactly the same. The best thing they have is the salsa. The carnitas and fish tacos level at the same quality but the salsa is the main feature. The only thing stopping the tacos from taking the first prize would be the fact that they could do with a bit more salt as they were slightly bland. If you are okay foregoing that and drenching the whole thing in salsa, then this is a stop you must make for lunch before you move on with your tour of Kauai.


Verde’s tacos have been getting some pretty good reviews online, let’s say they are pretty famous among tourists who have looked taco shops up. The tacos are really for tourists and one of the reasons that people probably love them is because they are Americanised and not your genuine taco. This is one nostalgic meal if you are in Hawaii for a while. The second best thing about the place is the cocktails which were delicious and something everyone should try. If you are looking for a laid back location to sit and eat unlike the taco truck, then this is the place to be at.


This place serves some pretty tasty fish tacos. However, a few years back, they started breading the fish and you might want to try that and the grilled one both. So remember to ask for that once you get there.

Red Hot Mama’s

This is one spot that a lot of people find to their liking. They never bread or fry the fish tacos; all the tacos are grilled and come along with fresh ingredients.
And there you have it, some of the best places to enjoy and have a taco at. You are probably going to Kauai for some adventure and sightseeing that easily slips into number one slot for scenic places to be at around the world, make sure you reserve time to try out some of the best taco eateries as well. webstaurant coupon

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