California Wine-ing

Top Image Courtesy of: iStock.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: yawn! Another story about the Napa Valley wineries. Oh, were they picturesque maybe? Did the wine taste better surrounded by such beauty?

No, we didn’t go to Napa Valley. We went to Malibu.

Wine-ing in Malibu:

How did we have a wine experience in Malibu, you ask? Did we rent a beachfront house and order a crap-load of wine off Did we ransack Woodland Hills and pretend that it’s close enough to Malibu to count?

Neither. There is wine country in Malibu.

To be specific, we went on a Malibu wine safari. You heard me right: a safari for wine. There’s a 1,000 acre vineyard and ranch just 15 minutes up the coast from the PCH (that’s the Pacific Coast Highway for non-Californians).

It’s a beautiful drive through the mountains. You’ll need to pop your ears … Read the rest

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