California Wine-ing

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Now, we know what you’re thinking: yawn! Another story about the Napa Valley wineries. Oh, were they picturesque maybe? Did the wine taste better surrounded by such beauty?

No, we didn’t go to Napa Valley. We went to Malibu.

Wine-ing in Malibu:

How did we have a wine experience in Malibu, you ask? Did we rent a beachfront house and order a crap-load of wine off Did we ransack Woodland Hills and pretend that it’s close enough to Malibu to count?

Neither. There is wine country in Malibu.

To be specific, we went on a Malibu wine safari. You heard me right: a safari for wine. There’s a 1,000 acre vineyard and ranch just 15 minutes up the coast from the PCH (that’s the Pacific Coast Highway for non-Californians).

It’s a beautiful drive through the mountains. You’ll need to pop your ears … Read the rest

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Ireland, Part II

Best Fish and Chips Ever!

After Dublin, we set out to the very south-west tip of Ireland, a little tiny fishing village called Dingle.

I’d never heard of it before, but a few friends who had done some travelling in the past recommended it. We stumbled upon a livingsocial coupon for a fish and chips pub in Dingle, so we figured that the stars were aligning and we needed to visit this small Irish village. I love local restaurants having discounts, it keeps people from just going to the same big chains that they always do at home.

And boy oh boy, was I not disappointed.

Getting to Dingle

First off, there’s no train that takes you directly to Dingle. You have to take two trains out to Killarney, and then a bus will take you to Dingle. We passed hundreds of sheep farms on the way. The sheep all … Read the rest

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A Visit To Ireland

Delightfully Mixing Old and New

When we arrived in Dublin we stayed in this swanky futuristic hotel called the Marker. We found a coupon that made it affordable enough for us to book one night there. We didn’t brave driving on the other side of the road, but if you wanted to you can read more about that here.

We were greeted by a wonderful host, Ng. She was a finely dressed Asian woman with a thick Irish accent. It was unexpected at first, but truly a sign of the changing times in Ireland. Along with the offices for Google and Yahoo, these were the signs of Dublin becoming a true world-class city.

It had an awesome swimming pool that was dimly lit with a ceiling made out of polygon-shapes that made it look like you were swimming in an underground cave on an alien world.

The most important … Read the rest

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Best Fish Tacos in Kauai

Kauai Fish Tacos

One you walk around the pretty streets of Kauai, you will find for yourself that there are quite a few taco trucks and what they call taquerias. Every square mile distance has at least one taco spot. Here are the tried and tasted best of the lot.

El Taco Feliz

This taco spot isn’t too hard to find. Just look for the taco truck with the weirdest art painted on it (we are talking tacos with detailed eyes on them) and you have reached El Taco Feliz taco truck. They call it the Happy Taco. You may want to try the carnitas from this place. They are excellent and should not be missed.
The salsas they offer are great too. But at the end of it all, you will miss those carnitas and corn tortillas. You may want to revisit this place time and again around … Read the rest

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