el taco feliz


Best Fish Tacos in Kauai

Kauai Fish Tacos

One you walk around the pretty streets of Kauai, you will find for yourself that there are quite a few taco trucks and what they call taquerias. Every square mile distance has at least one taco spot. Here are the tried and tasted best of the lot.

El Taco Feliz

This taco spot isn’t too hard to find. Just look for the taco truck with the weirdest art painted on it (we are talking tacos with detailed eyes on them) and you have reached El Taco Feliz taco truck. They call it the Happy Taco. You may want to try the carnitas from this place. They are excellent and should not be missed.
The salsas they offer are great too. But at the end of it all, you will miss those carnitas and corn tortillas. You may want to revisit this place time and again around … Read the rest

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